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Mother’s Day is May 8

May 6. A mother’s love has been described as the closest thing to God’s love. A mother’s unconditional love is one factor that influences the emotional development of children. Some Cornelius residents shared their favorite childhood memories of their moms.

—Tonya Rivens

Mom: Lula Bell Houston

Mama Lula dragged us with her to singing programs at churches and when she did not have to work as a babysitter, she dragged us with her to work at Davidson College Laundry, which is named in her honor as Lula Bell’s Resource Center.

—Peggy Rivens, Rafford Miller, Loria Houston

Mom: Wyvonia Black

Whether it is a dinner or a cookout, mom always managed, along with my dad, to bring the whole family together to have a good time. Good food, real love, and great memories!

—Amanda Black

Mom: Helen ‘Honey’ Benton Cook

Mom helped create a loving and thoughtful environment that reflected the “feel” of our hometown. Everyone knew everyone and most kids never really thought of the outside world past Cornelius because everything we needed and wanted was here.

—Gina Cook

Mom: Virginia Stinson

My mother and her friend would take my sister and I out for seafood every Wednesday. We could not wait to get home from school on that day, but we do not remember the name of the restaurant and it was over the river (Lincoln County)

—Colette Bailey and Treva Watts

Mom: Edith R. Summers

Mom took me to my first Historically Black College and University (HBCU) Homecoming. Also, she sewed beautiful dresses for Easter. New underwear, hair ribbons, shoes, and socks were always a part of the outfit.

—Travis Rivens

Mom: Berthine Ross

There’re so many memories, but the one that stands out the most is that mom always made sure that we broke bread together as a family and emphasized how important family relationships are.

—Thurman Ross

Mom: Martha Marlowe

Mother liked to make us all feel special on our birthdays.  On my 5th birthday, my mother made me a birthday cake with peppermint icing.   I had never tasted peppermint until that day, but I knew it was something special.  To this day, peppermint remains my favorite flavor of ice cream or cake.

—Rev. Jonathan Marlowe

• Marlowe is co-senior pastor of Mt. Zion United Methodist 

Mom: Mable Scurlock

My mother loved to crochet. She made afghans, and she made one for my sister in the colors of her school. I couldn’t wait until she made me one for me, which she did, nine years later in the colors of Hillside High, which was her alma mater.

—Rev. Keno Cannady

• Cannady is the Pastor at Union Bethel AME Zion  

Mom: Katherine Judge

I remember watching mom intently and making mental notes on how to prepare everything from daily meals to desserts.  Mom used to say, “People don’t know how to cook good food because they don’t know what good food tastes like.”  Thanks to my mom, I know what good food tastes like and I can cook.

—Rev. David Judge

• Judge is pastor of First Baptist Church of Cornelius

Tonya is a multi-skilled journalist and is currently heard on Praise 100.9 FM, blogs at tonyarivens.com