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More questions, more answers on I-77 toll lanes

​The new lanes in ​Cornelius and ​Huntersville will be completed and open by January but closer to Charlotte​ work won’t be done until later in the year. Detectors have been installed above the toll lanes to read license information on cars using the toll lanes. ​We put together a Q&A Nov. 24. Here are more questions and answers, put together by Cornelius Today reporter Dave Vieser​

Q​. ​How much does a transponder cost?​ —Stephanie Stawick Van Rossen 

A​. ​There is no charge for obtaining a transponder. Costs are incurred if and when the vehicle uses one of the toll lanes under the jurisdiction of the North Carolina Turnpike Authority.

Q​. I​’​d like to know how much of the asphalt or any other materials or services used in construction were obtained from a Koch-related business. The same Kochs who gave Tillis $3 million as soon as the Cintra contract was locked in. Its estimated the asphalting alone in the project is worth as much as $100 million.​ —Nils Lucander​

A​. We had asked the NCDOT for a list of local contractors participating in the project and the only information they could give us was a  voluminous list of all contractors, so we are unable to answer this question. Perhaps you should direct your inquiry to one of our local elected officials.

Q​. ​Here’s a good question Cornelius Today: If it’s supposed to be finished by the end of this year. And now it’s supposed to be one more year to finish. Where are all the fines to be levied against them , because the project was not finished on time—Brian Stack​.​

A​. T​he DOT waived the fines and gave CINTRA an extension because much of the work causing the delay was the result of add-on elements requested by officials from local municipalities, primarily Charlotte.

Q​. ​How are they managing the HOV deal for the lanes? No charge for 3 or more occupants per vehicle? Transponder required?​ —Kalyana White 

A​. T​he new toll lanes will be “HOV +3” meaning cars with three or more people will not be charged any tolls. The cameras being installed above the toll lanes have the capability of identifying how many people are in each vehicle. A transponder will be required to qualify for the toll lane exemption.