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More pickleball courts coming to Cornelius

Aug. 22. By Dave Vieser. The Cornelius Town Board authorized the first phase of funding for a new tennis/pickleball complex at the Bailey Road Park during their meeting last night. Some $2 million will be transferred from the Town’s General Fund and utilized for design and construction.

The project calls for converting the existing tennis court area to pickleball courts, according to Parks Director Troy Fitzsimmons.

Photo by Jason Benavides


“We should be able to comfortably fit 10 courts within that footprint, but possibly 12 could go in. We would also add some shade structures for breaks. A new lighted 12 tennis court facility would be built behind the basketball courts along with additional parking for the new court facilities, a smaller restroom building to match the existing restroom architecture, shade structures, and stormwater basin expansion to accommodate the new impervious surface in the park,” Fitzsimmons stated.

He noted that last night’s action does not fund the entire project, which carries a price tag in excess of $6.2 million. “Additional funds will need to be secured through the budget process, grants and partnership agreements prior to construction,” he said.

Design and construction of the project will take place over several fiscal years.

In the official resolution authorizing the funding, the Town Board stated that the courts are needed “to meet the demands of our growing community, as well as the needs of current and future Cornelius citizens and tourists.”


Pickleball, often described as a combination of tennis, ping pong and badminton, has grown by over 40 percent in the US during the past several years. Existing courts in the area are often filled and waiting times to play are common.