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Mixed-use building planned for vacant property on Bethel near Jetton Extension

Front elevation of 19615 Bethel Church

Sept. 30. By Dave Yochum. Real estate closing  attorney Justin Ckezepis plans to build a six-story building in the commercial area of Bethel Church Road south of West Catawba Avenue.

The 31-year-old Appalachian State graduate said he hopes to start construction in 2022.

The top two floors of the mixed-use building at 19615 Bethel Church would be residential, with the remainder commercial.

The current zoning is Village Center, with up to eight residential units and three stories allowed by right and up to six stories allowed under Conditional Zoning.

No dates have been set for the upscale project to come before the Planning Board.

Sixteen underground parking spaces are planned beneath the building; an existing parking lot will remain. Skadoosh Properties purchased the vacant land in April of 2019 for $219,000.

Ckezepis (pronounced Kuh-ZEP-is) is the founder of Birkdale-based Ckezepis Law Firm as well as Skadoosh Properties. The Cornelius resident started the law firm in 2016 after working as a licensed real estate broker for more than four years.


3 Responses to “Mixed-use building planned for vacant property on Bethel near Jetton Extension”

  1. First 5 stories now 6 are we becoming a town of High Rises, seriously what happened to a nice residential community with community businesses, this is where it starts but where does it end??
    Who is planning te future of Cornelius and what are they gaining from it??

    Posted by Michael Robert Youron | September 30, 2021, 9:53 pm
    • For me, it ends soon. I polish up my home and sell. I won’t be staying in Cornelius and for those that may comment, I’ll be leaving so fast the door will have no chance of hitting me on the way out!🤪 Traffic is bad now but in 2 years it will be constant gridlock. No thanks😎

      Posted by Chris Conroy | October 1, 2021, 1:09 pm
  2. No one has a excuse to complain if they moved to Cornelius without doing their due diligence fist. Current zoning has been in place many years with many projects planed in the past. Just because the owners are now ready to execute their building plans does not justify trying to stop them and to take away their rights. Growth is going to happen get over it or… move.

    Posted by Richard Stilwell | October 3, 2021, 6:19 pm

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