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Missing: Humpty Dumpty in front of Cornelius Elementary

Missing: Humpty Dumpty gone from popular sculpture

June 12. By Dave Yochum. The Humpty Dumpty in front of Cornelius Elementary School has been missing since he was last seen sitting on a wall.

Ann Wolfmayer said she was walking her granddaughter to school on Thursday when they noticed that part of the six-foot-tall sculpture was missing. Humpty sat atop a brick wall in an open book with the nursery rhyme engraved on the left side and a word search on the right side.

It’s made of cast aluminum and steel with brick walls etched as a background on both sides of an open book.

The value of stolen property is $6,700, according to the Cornelius Police report.


The piece by Greensboro sculptor Eric Isbanioly was originally submitted as one of the artworks in the 2016-2017 Beyond Walls Public Art Exhibition at Robbins Park. It won the People’s Choice Award and was purchased by the Town of Cornelius to add to its permanent collection.

Isbanioly says this about the piece: “I didn’t want the story to end with Humpty being broken with no hope of coming together. I believe that if we work together there is nothing that can’t be fixed. So my hope is that people will gather together around this sculpture and work together to find ‘Humpty Dumpty’s pieces’ and make him whole.”

Any information?

Police hope to put the sculpture together again. If you have any information, call CPD at 704-892-7773.

Humpty Dumpty before the theft