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Cornelius News

Miltich is fifth commissioner; 4 incumbents re-elected

Nov. 3. Dr. Mike Miltich has succeeded in his second bid for Cornelius Town Board. He garnered 1,424 votes,  putting him in fifth place. Denis Bilodeau, in his first bid for public office, came in sixth, with 1,200 votes.

There are five seats on the board. Mayor Chuck Travis ran unopposed, and collected 1,936 votes.

Woody Washam Jr., with 1,923 votes, came in first place, followed by Dave Gilroy, with 1,608 votes; Jim Duke, with 1,580 votes; and Thurman Ross, with 1,493 votes. All four are incumbents. Washam, the top vote-getter two years ago, is likely to again be voted mayor pro tem by his peers on the board.