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Micah Hedrick brightens even cloudy days from his post on W. Catawba

Micah Hedrick | Photo by Wayne Mayer

Feb. 21. By Wayne Mayer. Now that’s a smile and a wave as wide as the sky over Lake Norman.

His name is Micah Hedrick, son of Michael and Geneva Hedrick, and twin brother to Caleb Hedrick.

This well-spoken young man of 18 can be found seated across from Robbins Park on West Catawba several afternoons a week.

About eight months ago Micah started waving to 18-wheelers passing by and they replied with a blast of their air horns. Micah soon learned it works with cars, too.

Asked why he does it Micah said: “It makes me happy and I think it also makes them happy.”

If you’re on West Catawba and you see Micah and you want to see him smile and wave, just beep your horn.

He is carrying on a tradition started by Mike Knox some 30 years ago. Known as the “Waving Man,” he waves to cars as they pass by his home on North Main opposite the Food Lion.

Thank you both for making Cornelius a nicer place to live.

—Mayer, a former New Yorker, lives in Vineyard Point with his wife Linda. They have three children and five grandchildren. Mayer is a professional pianist and vocalist.