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Meck, NC COVID-19 statistics

April 8. COVID-19 cases diagnoses in Mecklenburg County: 805. Eight related deaths, as per Meck Department of Health.

As of 11 am April 8, there were 3,426 laboratory-confirmed cases statewide, up from 3,221 yesterday.

There have been 53 deaths statewide due to COVID-19, up from 46 yesterday.

A total of 90 counties out of 100 in North Carolina have reported cases of COVID-19.

Not all cases of COVID-19 are tested, so this does not represent the total number of people in North Carolina who have or had COVID-19.

Meck COVID demographics

++About 3 in 4 reported cases were adults ages 20 to 59 years old. Eleven cases were youth under 20.

++Younger adults make up most cases for all racial/ethnic groups except non-Hispanic Blacks, for whom one-third of cases were older adults (≥ 60 years) and only a quarter were in the youngest age group (20 to 39 years).

++About 1 in 5 reported cases overall were hospitalized due to their COVID-19 infection. However, hospitalization rates among adults over 60 years was significantly higher, with 1 in 2 being hospitalized.

“At this time, we do not believe the racial/ethnic differences observed in our data are related to the spread of COVID-19 or differences in the susceptibility of certain groups to being infected by COVID-19.
These differences are more likely related to the current testing criteria, which is focused on symptomatic patients, and underlying racial/ethnic disparities in rates of chronic conditions that increase severity of illness with COVID-19,” the health department said.