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Mayor, new Town Board with 3 newcomers will be sworn in Monday

Photo by Jason Benavides

Nov. 28. A four-term mayor, two incumbent commissioners and three new commissioners will be sworn in Monday at Town Hall where family and friends will gather for the ceremonies. A vote for mayor pro tem will also be taken, formalizing the role of incoming Commissioner Scott Higgins who was the top vote-getter in the Nov. 7 election.

He slipped past No. 2 vote-getter Susan Johnson by two votes.


Mayor Woody Washam will be sworn in for an unprecedented fourth term. In the town form of government, the mayor does not vote except to break a tie among commissioners.

The year ahead

Commissioners who will be seated Monday night say they are energized by voter response and ready to tackle the challenges of fast growth, including traffic.

Higgins said next year is all about addressing the convergence of fast growth and lagging infrastructure as well as “developing an effective master plan for the Downtown, Park and Recreation, and continued master planning for the town.”


“We also need an extensive Park Bond next year to pay for Parks and Recreation capital improvement projects and maintenance,” he said.

Quality of life

Second term Commissioner Michael Osborne said he will be focused on “our quality of life via managed growth and improved traffic flow.

“Now that we have a new land use policy, I can focus on improving road congestion. In addition to making incremental improvements, I plan to build out a more regional approach to addressing the issue,” said Osborne, whose wife will hold the Bible for his swearing in.


Town Clerk Lori Harrell, an 14-year veteran in that role, will do the swearing-in honors for Higgins and Osborne.

“She’s the glue that keeps this town running,” Osborne said.

The swearing in ceremony will take place on Dec. 4, at Cornelius Town Hall, 21445 Catawba Ave.