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Mayes Meadow project pulled from Town Board’s agenda

Rendering of Mayes Meadow. (Source: Bayard Development)

Feb. 12. By Dave Vieser. A public hearing scheduled for this Monday Feb. 15 for a rezoning request that would remove “rural preservation” zoning for property off Mayes Road was called off late Thursday afternoon Feb. 11 at the request of the applicant.

No new date or time for the hearing has been set and efforts to reach the developer were unsuccessful.

Not a fit?


But Town Commissioner Jim Duke, who had previously expressed concerns about the development told Cornelius Today that “the applicant pulled it (the rezoning application) based on no solution to rural preservation.”

Simonini/Bayard Builders wanted the OK to build 180 single-family homes on 96.5 acres of vacant farm and wooded land.

The 2014 Cornelius Land Use plan designated the area in question as Low Density Rural with a recommended density of .33 dwelling units per acre.

Mayes Meadow called for a density of more than five times that number, said Planning Board member Joe Dean.

Still active

Mayes Road project site plan

“While the applicant has requested the Town Board Public Hearing #2 be cancelled, the rezoning application is still active,” said Planning Director Aaron Tucker. “In accordance with the town Land Development Code, the applicant is provided six months to reschedule a Public Hearing.”

Planning Board vote

The project had initially received generally favorable comments, but it became a lightning rod after the town Planning Board recommended that the rezoning be denied by a 6-1 margin. Although the Town Board is not required to follow the planner’s recommendation, any decision would nevertheless signal the five commissioners’ thoughts on rural preservation, as well as how they will handle previous master plans adopted by the town and address growth issues going forward.

The issue has percolated into controversy in the midst of rising concern about over development in the town. Meanwhile, former Commissioner Dave Gilroy has already voiced strong support for the Planning Board’s action. He plans to run for the Town Board in November.