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Manifests required on Lake Norman charter​ ​boats

A manifest from 1847​

Charter Boats operating on Lake Norman must now prepare and retain a ​“​manifest​,” or list of passengers​ for each trip​. The new regulation​ was ​adopted by the Lake’s Marine Commission at their July 10 meeting. As with airplanes, the manifests must list each passenger who is expected to be on board.

“This is something we had discussed with the local law enforcement agencies that patrol the lake​,​“ said Ron Shoultz​, executive director of the commission.​ “​T​hey all agreed that having a list of the passengers on board would be useful in the event of an emergency.”

Rob Bennett, owner of My Aloha in Cornelius​,​ says he’s “totally on board with this regulation. If anything should happen while we’re out on the lake, it makes sense to have these lists.”

At the same meeting, the commission also voted to include the new multi-passenger paddleboats, also known as cycleboats, as charter boats for the purposes of their operations on the lake.