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Make noise for health workers Friday 7 pm!


April 2. Atrium Health, dozens of local organizations and community leaders are launching a “Thank You” campaign to show support for healthcare workers who brave going into work every in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. It takes place wherever you are at 7 pm Friday. Just step outside and ring a bell, clap your hands or cheer at the top of your lungs.

You may have seen in large cities that people are stepping out onto their balconies during shift change and making noise to recognize the hospital staff.

It’s going to happen here. Check out Facebook for more information on this community-wide event.

Let your local healthcare professionals and neighbors know you’re in this fight with them, too.  

– Invite others to this Facebook event
– Text/email neighbors, family, friends
– Share on the nextdoor app
– Share on your Facebook groups and your own page
– Share with your HOA, church and any other groups you know