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Main St. Vet puts Habitat office in Cornelius under contract

Lori Hoe with Zeke in front of Main Street Veterinary Hospital | Jason Benavides photo

Feb. 15. By Dave Yochum. The Habitat for Humanity office at 20310 North Main St. is already under contract.

Main Street Veterinary Hospital, located on the property next door, will purchase the Habitat office site for an undisclosed amount and build a 6,000-square-foot facility in the next year, said Dr. Lori Hoe, owner of Main Street.

She said the existing 4,000-square foot veterinary hospital will be sold.

Habitat’s Restore facility on N. Main will be renovated

Restore will be renovated

County records show the Habitat office building and the property it is on are valued at $1.12 million—$616,000 for the building and $448,000 for land.

The office parcel is separate and distinct from the adjoining Restore property, which is not for sale.

Habitat for Humanity will use some of the proceeds from the sale to renovate the adjacent Restore facility.


The local Habitat operation was subsumed into Charlotte Habitat for Humanity two years ago. The Restore property is a former grocery store, while the Habitat offices were a church.

H4H moves in April

If all goes as planned, Habitat for Humanity will relocate its office to the Ada Jenkins Center building, located at 212 Gamble Street, Davidson in April.

Habitat will occupy two large suites at AJC and share meeting space as well as support staff.

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