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Madalina’s extended family asks for information to help find the 11-year-old

Missing Madalina: Last independent sighting Nov. 21 on CMS bus

Dec. 22. Law enforcement returned to the Victoria Bay neighborhood last night where Madalina Cojocari was last seen independently on a CMS bus cam Nov. 21. Her case, which is featured on FBI.gov in the “Most Wanted: Case of the Week,” has stumped investigators since Cornelius Police began working on a missing person’s report involving a juvenile exactly one week ago.

Her mother and step-father, Diana Cojocari and Christopher Palmiter, have since been arrested for failing to report a missing child.

Meanwhile, police have shared a letter from Madalina’s extended family asking for positive thoughts, continued support and information to help find here. (See below) Police did not say exactly who wrote the letter.

There have been test bores drilled into the backyard of her mother and step-father’s home on Victoria Bay Drive and police and fire have searched Lake Cornelius near the YMCA.

Madalina is 11 years old and loves ice cream

Arrest sheets

In an arrest sheet, the mother, 37, said she believed her husband had put the family in danger.

—Bailey Middle School Resource Officer J. Nobles said that she asked Diana why she did not report Madalina missing until now. The mother stated she was worried it might start a conflict between her and Palmiter.

—The couple fought the night Madalina was last seen. Palmiter left for Michigan the morning Diana Cojocari said she first noticed her daughter was missing.

—The couple subsequently discussed Madalina being missing several times, but didn’t alert law enforcement, according to the report.

—Cojocari told a detective the sixth-grader’s backpack and some of her clothes were missing as of Nov. 23. She did not have friends that she would be staying with, nor did they have any family in the area.

—She also stated to the detective that she had been in touch with family in Moldova, and despite them advising she contact police, she didn’t.

—Cojocari reported her daughter missing on Dec. 15th, three weeks after she disappeared, seemingly without a trace. At another point, Palmiter said he last saw Madalina the week before.

D Cojocari

—The detective noted that there was an area in the kitchen blocked with plywood.

—Palmiter said he was building a separate apartment in the single-family neighborhood just east of I-77 on the north side of Catawba Avenue.

Bond set

Cojocari’s bond was set at $250,000 and the judge ordered an ankle monitor. Her next court appearance is next Wednesday. Palmiter was held on a $200,000 bond and will also appear in court again next Wednesday.


Investigation continues

Police are looking for additional witnesses outside of the family to narrow down the exact timeline of when Madalina disappeared.

If you have information to help find her, call the Cornelius Police Department at 704-892-7773 or 1-800-Call FBI.