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Local turkey news, pie update

Turkeys at Food Lion

Nov. 19. By Cornelius T. O’ Day. [Updated 2 pm]  The classic Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends will cost 14 percent more this year according to the Farm Bureau, but there are some local deals on turkeys.

We ran out to four Cornelius groceries this morning—anything with food and we’re on the case—and found frozen turkeys for 39 cents a pound at Publix. Food Lion has fresh or frozen Butterballs for 99 cents a pounds.
There are special deals, too: Shadybrook frozen turkeys are 28 cents a pound, limit two with $35 purchase at Food Lion.

At Publix, a frozen bird will cost 39 cents a pound

Turkey supplies look bountiful, with less than a week before T-Day.

Turkey insights

The Farm Bureau says turkey prices nationwide are running $23.99 for a 16-pound bird. That’s roughly $1.50 per pound, up 24 percent from last year, A classic Thanksgiving feast for 10 will run $53.31 or less than $6 per person.

Teeter, Fresh Market

Fresh Butterballs are $1.49 with a VIC card at Harris Teeter; store brand fresh turkeys at Fresh Market run $2.79 a pound.

Pie crisis

Pies seemed to be in short supply at Harris Teeter on Old Jetton, where there were only pumpkin and sweet potato pies around 7:30 am.

Please stay calm: There was no apple pie.

Pies were also in short supply at Food Lion.

Publix did have apple and apple crumb along with other varieties.

There were plenty of pies at Fresh Market.

This is serious

In fact, the pie situation is troubling. Restaurant News says restaurants are feeling the impact of soaring aluminum prices on pie tins. Meanwhile, The Washington Post says climate change, wildfires and power shutdowns are affecting supplies of wheat, berries, honey and soybean oil.

“That’s sending prices soaring and, combined with a scarcity of workers and other hurdles, is causing mayhem throughout the global food supply chain,” according to the Post.

Economists say as the pandemic winds down, supply chain issues—including those involving pie—will improve.

UPDATE 2 pm: Harris Teeter on Old Jetton has apple pie.

Plenty O’ Pie for $10.99 at Fresh Market