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Local nonprofit raises awareness about water conservation and climate change

April 13. With a focus on educating the community and nudging more people to get involved in the fight for conservation support and providing quality entertainment with a message, MadElf Arts and Education prepares to launch shows

MadElf Arts and Education, a Mecklenburg county non-profit organization working  to create a path for conservation advocacy with every person doing their respective part charts their own course in the conservation effort.

MadElf is utilizing the art of performance to raise awareness and stimulate involvement in the conservation movement through an original rock musical called Water Inc., a compelling story about the world’s last fresh water aquifer and the owner’s battle to maintain that natural resource despite corporate interests wanting the water.

“I hope Water Inc. motivates people to engage with the climate crisis. They can find an environmental group and volunteer, they can encourage their state legislators to pay attention to conservation issues” says Mark Durstewitz the show’s executive producer, composer and keyboardist.

‘’We really want to spark more involvement in the local conservation movement.”  Chris Hull, the director of MadElf Arts and Education, said. Hull is the show’s lyricist, vocal director, singer/actor and producer.

Opening shows are April 21, 22 and 23 at Studio 13, 19725 Oak St., Cornelius.

Other shows are scheduled for July 28, 29 and 30 at the John V. Knox Auditorium in the Charles Mack Citizen Center, 215 North Main St., Mooresville.

Durstewitz added, “We really hopes the show gains some traction and leads to more support for the local conservation movement.’”

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