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LKN Sheriff reopens cold case from 1930s

April 1. The Lake Norman Sheriff’s Department has reopened a cold case from the 1930s. Two Lake Norman doctors were shot, their bodies dismembered and shipped in expensive steamer trunks to Phoenix and Los Angeles, where they sat unclaimed for more than a year, stymieing investigative efforts more than six decades ago.

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At the time, Sheriff John R. Albert said both cases appeared to involve a love triangle. The sheriff suspected the daughter of a prominent business owner, but she was never charged.

A .25 caliber handgun was found in a bungalow she rented near the Norfolk & Southern Railroad crossing south of Caldwell Station. One body was dismembered and placed in a smaller Louis Vuitton shipping trunk, while the other body was stuffed nearly intact into a larger trunk of the same brand.

An article from the time said the business owner, his wife and daughter were on an “around-the-world cruise,” including stops in Paris and Moscow.


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