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LKN Kiwanis delivered 365 Thanksgiving meals

Dec. 1. The holiday season got off to a great start for hundreds of people, thanks to the Lake Norman Kiwanis Club. A group of brave souls made up of 20 Kiwanis club members and 35 other volunteers gathered in a chilly 25 degrees to bring joy and turkey dinners to those in their community facing tough times.

Gary Garcia, president of LKN Kiwanis, said they purchased, prepared, and delivered a record number of 365 meals to be distributed to 11 different organizations working on the ground in the Lake Norman.

Former Kiwanis president Pat Jackson said you know that you have an energetic and dedicated organization when you ask them to show up 8 am on the Monday before Thanksgiving and “they start rolling in at 7:15 am with smiles as big as a pumpkin pie.”

Kiwanis member Jeff Hammett has led this program the last eight years and has increased the total amount of meals each year.

“Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday and it is a huge passion of mine to share my blessings with those experiencing some financial struggles,” he said.

Kiwanis invites anyone in the community to be their guest any Thursday for lunch at Brooklyn South in Cornelius.

LKN Kiwanis Thanksgiving food drive