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LKN Chamber comes out in favor of school bond proposal, Huntersville bonds

CMS asking for $2.5 billion bond issue

Oct. 4. The Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors has voted unanimously to support the Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools’ $2.5 billion bond proposal and encouraged the member businesses and citizens to vote in support of the measure in November.

“A $2.5 billion school bond package initially seems like too big of an ask. Then we consider a new high school used to cost $50 million. Today that same high school will cost $230 million,” said Jeff Tarte, the incoming chair of the chamber.

Many schools county-wide are over-crowded due to population growth and some are struggling with HVAC and mold problems.

Jeff Tarte, incoming chamber chair

“Unfortunately, we live in a time where new schools must be designed and hardened for the purpose of preventing catastrophic harm being perpetrated by an active shooter,” Tarte said.

Specifically, the CMS bond package would allocate nearly $500 million to new schools and renovations in North Mecklenburg, including:

—Replacing Cornelius Elementary School with 45 new, safer, state-of-the-art classrooms

—Replacing Huntersville Elementary School with 45 new, safer, state-of-the-art classrooms

—A brand new middle school in Huntersville on Stumptown Road with 54 new, safer, state-of-the-art classrooms

—Replacing North Mecklenburg High School, built in 1951, with new classrooms and athletics facilities.

“This CMS bond package puts us on a pathway to creating safe and spectacular learning environments,” said Tarte, the former mayor of Cornelius, as well as former NC District 41 senator.

Huntersville bonds

The chamber board also endorsed $50 million in general obligation bonds for transportation in Huntersville as well as $8 million in General Obligation Bonds for parks and recreation projects. The Chamber Board voted unanimously in favor of both Huntersville bonds.


“When it rains it pours. Huntersville is being responsible and fiscally prudent trying to stay in front of transportation and recreation needs by securing a $58 million bond to address immediate road and greenway needs. This Bond demonstrates a pragmatic investment in transportation infrastructure for our region.”

—Jeff Tarte. incoming chair
Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce