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Limit on funeral attendance rises to 50  as county aligns with NC stay-at-home rules

April 29. The number of people allowed at funerals in Mecklenburg County has increased to 50, in line with the state’s guidelines. It’s major news for countless people affected by not just COVID-19, but churches, grieving families and funeral directors.

Social distancing still applies.

Funerals and graveside services had been limited to 10 under Mecklenburg County’s previous guidelines. Funeral homes were exempt, but funeral services could have no more than 10 people present.

The frustration and challenges that come along with a death are heightened right now as we navigate the COVID-19 world.

“I am watching families come to view their loved ones in a casket that two days prior they watched die on an iPad. They were not there. That complicates their sadness and grief,” said Sam James, owner of James Funeral Home in Huntersville.

Funeral home staff are on the front lines helping people navigate death.

“We all do it without hesitation or question. Our families are important, and we are here to serve them. At home, we all have our own families and are working to keep them safe,” James said.

County Manager Dena Diorio also said stores can begin opening through curbside pickup, as well as car dealerships, realtors, vape shops and furniture stores.

The number of people allowed at funerals in Mecklenburg County will increase to 50, per the state’s guidelines.