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Letter to the editor: Getting it right in Birkdale Village

Feb. 7. North American Properties continues to pursue their ill-planned and redundant rezoning request for Birkdale Village. They are flying every conceivable combination of projects up the flagpole to see who will salute. Those of us who live EVERY DAY with the mess NAP and Tim Perry have made of this world-class multi-use development, know that NAP is NOT being guided by enlightened design professionals in this process, as evidenced by the carnage they have already wreaked on traffic, parking, and aesthetics.

If Tim Perry wants “to get it right”, North American Properties needs to reopen the Lindholm roundabout that they condemned. The full Lindholm roundabout was an integral part of the carefully designed traffic pattern for the whole retail/residential development. When it was closed, it forced the bulk of exiting traffic onto Birkdale Commons, and disrupted the traffic pattern that worked so well for two decades.

Please deny this latest iteration of NAPs rezoning request and send NAP back to the drawing board.

Let them come back when they’re prepared to submit a FULL rezoning request with ALL relevant elevations, plans, specifications, construction schedule, etc. and are prepared to share the full package with the town council AND the public in advance as required of every other petitioner.

Suzanne Villar

Nick O’Shaughnessy