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Legal counsel says Town shouldn’t revisit cell tower vote

Cell tower simulation: PeakNet MonoPole off Jetton

Jan. 27. By Dave Vieser. Cornelius will not reconsider the recent approval of the 199-foot Cottonwood cell tower near Jetton Road. “The Town has been advised by legal counsel not to take this matter up again,” said Town Manager Andrew Grant without specifying whether they could legally do so.

In an email sent out earlier this week, Commissioner Jim Duke, one of two commissioners who voted against the measure, had asked the town to reconsider the 3-2 vote of approval. Commissioner Denis Bilodeau voted with Duke, against the cell tower.


“It saddens me that we don’t have recourse for a very bad decision,” Duke said. “Hundreds protested the tower but very few were able to confront those commissioners who don’t live where the tower will be erected,” he said, explaining that COVID restrictions make free-flowing discussion more difficult.

Commissioners Mike Miltich, Thurman Ross and Tricia Sisson voted in favor. Proponents of the higher tower stated that it was needed to improve cell phone reception in the area, as well as a portion of Lake Norman.

Missed chance to ‘get it right’

However, a significant number of residents saw otherwise. “I sincerely believe that we have done a serious disservice to our community,” Duke said. “If we ignore the wishes of hundreds of residents and six HOA’s we do so at our own peril,” Duke wrote.


Bilodeau said he wasn’t surprised at the Town’s decision.

“The research I proposed prior to the Tower approval was ignored by three of my fellow Commissioners. We missed our opportunity to get it right,” he said.