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Cornelius News

Leave the leaves

WastePro will pick up bagged leaves in Cornelius and Davidson. The town of Davidson also asks residents to leave the leaves in gardens and yards.

Nov. 22. The Town of Davidson and other Bee City USA and Bee Campus USA affiliates are keeping leaf litter in gardens and yards.

Leaves are often viewed as a nuisance to be removed from yards, but they are an important part of the ecosystem, providing food and shelter for many creatures, the town said in its newsletter. Leaving them in your yard provides habitat for overwintering beneficial insects like butterflies, lacewings and lady beetles. These insects will help control pests and pollinate your garden the following spring.

Lawn can still be tidy

Keeping leaf litter in your yard doesn’t have to be messy – you can rake leaves into thin piles around trees or into garden beds. Be sure not to shred the leaves, as this will kill any insect eggs or larvae present.

Eliminate pesticides

You can further protect beneficial insects in your yard by eliminating pesticide use. These species tend to be highly sensitive to insecticides, and herbicides eliminate flowers and plants used as habitat and can even harm insects directly. In turn, protecting predators and parasitoids in your yard will help control pests.

So, in addition to leaving the leaves, consider foregoing pesticides and embracing wildlife in your yard. The Xerces Society website has resources on habitat creation and alternative pest control. https://xerces.org/leave-the-leaves


The Town of Cornelius  provides street-side leaf vacuuming services through January. The service will run through January.  Leaf piles should be placed at the curb.

Leaves can also be bagged for collection.

Leaves may also be dropped off at the following locations:

—North Mecklenburg Recycle Center, 980-314-3867,12300 N. Statesville Road, Huntersville

—Compost Central–Mecklenburg County, 980-314-3867, 140 Valleydale Road, Charlotte

—Soil Supply, 980-314-3867, 10219 Hagers Rd., Huntersville,