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Leaf vacuuming starts in November

Oct. 21. The Town of Cornelius will launch its annual leaf vacuuming service in November, with the Public Works crew alone with two additional seasonal workers dedicated to leaf removal into January, stopping on rainy days.

Leaves will be vacuumed at least once a month, contingent upon weather, volume, staffing, and mechanical issues.

Pile at the curb

To have your leaves vacuumed, be sure to leave them in piles at the curb.

The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas will be especially busy. WastePro, the town’s waste contractor, will also collect up to 20 bags of leaves per week Trash bags that are not clear should be left open so WastePro can distinguish between leaves and trash.


By the way, based on the volume of acorns falling, as well as our own proprietary logarithms, Cornelius Today is forecasting winter will begin on Dec. 21.