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Lane markings on Sam Furr in the slow lane for now

Dec. 9. By Dave Vieser. If you’re heading to Birkdale Village for holiday shopping take extra care on Sam Furr Road—the permanent lane markings are still missing. The heavily traveled thoroughfare was resurfaced from West Catawba to I-77 more than six weeks ago but the permanent lane markings were never installed. Only narrow temporary markings have been completed.

Permanent lane markings are usually done within a few days after resurfacing is completed so we asked NCDOT spokeswoman Jen Thompson what happened.

Without addressing the reason for the lack of permanent lane markings, she said, “We’re approaching seasonal limitations, which means temperatures will be too low to implement the permanent markings and snow plowable markers and have them adhere properly to the pavement. However, the contractor has told us they plan to mobilize this week to refresh the temporary markings, and they should be refreshing crosswalks also.”

NCDOT is responsible for the maintenance of Hwy. 73, and future plans call for widening the road in this area to a minimum of six lanes.