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Land Development Code on board agenda

The Cornelius Town Board will consider a series of technical changes to the Land Development Code in order to bring it in line with recent changes passed by the state. Planning Director Wayne Herron said the recent adoption of Senate Bill 25 by the General Assembly means an amendment to Chapter 4 of the Land Development Code is required to remove building design standards for single-family residential development, duplexes and fences.  “The state bill seeks to remove local government authority to regulate the design and appearance of one and two family dwellings unless they are nationally-designated historic properties, or located within a locally regulated Historic District,” he said. It will apply to several building design elements, including color, building material, roof structures, porches, and nonstructural ornamentation, which includes locations and design of windows and doors (including garage doors), and the number, type and layout of any interior rooms.  Height, bulk, and building orientation on the lot are still able to be regulated by local zoning ordinances.  These restrictions do not apply to multi-family, commercial, industrial or civic buildings, which will remain in Chapter 4.  The Town Board meets at 7 in the Town Hall on Catawba Avenue.