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K-2 Academy: ‘Micro’ school coming to Lake Norman

May 15. Dave Vieser. Local education leaders are launching a new private school called the K-2 Academy with its first campus to be in Davidson. K-2 is currently enrolling their inaugural class of 20 lower elementary students from Kindergarten through second grade for the 2017-2018 school year. They will add upper elementary level students in the 2018-2019 school year.

Adrian Donato

“K-2 Academy is a micro-school designed by a team of doctors in education with  specialty in teaching children how to think about thinking as they take control of their own learning,” said Executive Director Adrian Donato. “We strive to teach our young students to adapt knowledge and resolve complexity as thought leaders and change-drivers. Our mission sets the tone of the school and sets us apart from others.”

Donato said K-2 Academy will provide a “seamless transition” from preschools and other elementary schools to its K-2 program. “We collaborate with local preschools and elementary schools. We understand their mission, approach and philosophy, and we will build upon each child’s prior learning and enrichment experiences.”

The students who enroll will remain with the same teachers over the course of their years at K-2. In this manner, educators can gain a deeper understanding of each child’s academic and social development.

Each class, or “cohort,” as school leaders prefers to call the enrolled group, will have two main teachers: one focusing on early literacy skills, blending in the arts and social studies, the other focusing on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) disciplines. In so doing, they expect to exceed the North Carolina State Standards and Essentials as they prepare young students for future academic success. “We also draw on assistants, interns, parents, and community volunteers to support small group and one-on-one student learning,” Donato added.

Their Davidson location is 605 South St. through a space share agreement within Temple Kol Tikvah, just north of the Antiquity bridge. It includes a 4-acre zone for adventure play and over 2,000 square feet of classroom space. K-2 Academy is also looking in either Concord or uptown Charlotte for a second location.

Enrollment is ongoing and 10 months tuition is $1,250 per month or $312 per week. More info: www.k-2academy.com or 704-775-1800.