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Junior Leadership program gets under way at Rural Hill

Lake Norman Chamber's Junior Leadership program gets under way at Rural Hill.

TOP: Aidan Riley, Alex Sabates, Chris Coulson, Ibra Housissa, Jack Welborne, Ben McAfee, Chris Goduti, Kelsey Lambert MIDDLE: Sierra McLeod, Dottie Sloan, Caroline Robinson, Maggie O’Brien, Casey Scholl BOTTOM: Raven Selden, Meghan O’Brien, Sarah Hoffman, Marisa Deininger, McKenzie Bell

Aug. 31. Eighteen high school juniors will be part of Junior Leadership Lake Norman, a program administered by 2014-2015 graduates of the Lake Norman Chamber’s adult leadership program. Students learn more about their community during an eight-month long program that is designed to inform, motivate and increase the overall awareness of the students. This year’s program includes students from Davidson Day School, The Community School of Davidson, Hough High School, Lake Norman Charter and Pine Lake Preparatory.

The students include: Aidan Riley, Alex Sabates, Ben McAfee, Caroline Robinson, Casey Scholl, Chris Coulson, Christian Goduti, Dottie Sloan, Ibrahim Housissa, Jack Welborne, Kelsey Lambert, Maggie O’Brien, Marisa Deininger, McKenzie Bell, Meghan O’Brien, Raven Selden, Sarah Hoffman, and Sierra McLeod.

The program kicked off with a retreat at Rural Hill where students participated in a leadership’ session and various team building exercises.