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Joint press conference this morning: Hospitals issue dire COVID warning

Sept. 2. By Dave Yochum. The COVID surge in Mecklenburg County is dangerous, according to three major healthcare chains. During a rare joint press conference at 10:30 this morning, Atrium, Caromont and Novant officials said “unprecedented numbers” of people are seeking care as the Delta variant digs in among the unvaccinated.

Yesterday the NC Dept. of Health & Human Services reported 7,248 new cases of the coronavirus as well as a total of 3,757 people hospitalized due to COVID statewide. On Aug. 2, the NCDHHS reported 1,359 North Carolinians hospitalized with the coronavirus.

Dr. Todd Davis

“Younger patients, not vaccinated, are particularly heartbreaking,” said Dr. Todd Davis of CaroMont.

Death toll

Statewide, there have been 859 deaths due to COVID-19 between Aug. 2 and Sept. 1. In Mecklenburg County there have been 57 COVID deaths in the past month.

“We are strained,” Davis said. “Our staff is tired…we would like our community to start helping themselves as well.” The takeaway is that hospitals are backed up.

And, “vaccines work, they’re effective,” Fletcher said.

Unvaccinated patients

Indeed, among COVID patients hospitalized right now in the Charlotte region—across all three healthcare systems—92 percent are unvaccinated.

Among those on life support due to COVID, 97 percent are unvaccinated.


Atrium officials called the statistics “staggering.”

“We are in this as a united front,” said Dr. Sid Fletcher of Novant. “All healthcare systems are impacted by this and quite frankly beds are scarce and we are running short of resources.”