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It’s official: Dan Forest won Cornelius


Nov. 5. The results are in: Cornelius has gone overwhelmingly for Dan Forest in the race for governor of North Carolina. Of course, incumbent Roy Cooper, a Democrat, defeated Forest, a Republican, 2,803,782 to 2,563,258 statewide.

Cornelius remains a stronghold of GOP sentiment. Here’s how the vote went, precinct by precinct in Cornelius:

Precinct             Dan Forest        Roy Cooper
242/Jetton               1467                     656
202/TownHall         3106                      2701
240/CIC Church     2329                      1674
208/Bethel Pres     2173                      1161

No surprise

Political strategist Andy Yates of Huntersville put it this way: “Cornelius voters voted the way you would expect Cornelius voters to vote: Conservative.”

Andy Yates

Bradford/Clark update

If John Bradford’s apparent win in NC House District 98 sticks—political strategists say it will—the Cornelius resident will be the only Republican in the Mecklenburg legislative delegation. He lost narrowly to Christy Clark in the Blue Wave two years ago.

Democrat Christy Clark of Huntersville edged past Bradford to take the northern Mecklenburg District 98 seat in 2018. Bradford won it back with 51.66% of the vote to Clark’s 48.34%, according to unofficial results.

Christy Clark and John Bradford

As of 11 am today, Clark is waiting on provisional and absentee ballots before declaring victory or conceding defeat.

Reader Colin Furcht asked us for this precinct-level detail on the gubernatorial match-up. If you have a question, let us know.