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It’s all in the detail: Carolina Springs hopes to expand

Carolina Springs Auto Spa

Dec. 5. By Dave Vieser. A public hearing on a site plan amendment requested by Carolina Springs Auto Spa will be held this evening, Dec. 5, by the Town Board. The proposed amendment would permit the car wash business to move their detail building to the rear of the property while adding express detail and vacuum stations.

With their current configuration, Carolina Springs only utilizes about half of their 1.32 acre lot, according to co-owner Brett Hart.

Carolina Springs


Located at 19807 W. Catawba, the business has a detail shop in one building, the car wash in another. “We seek to relocate the detail shop to the rear of the property. It currently sits in the middle of the lot and at times limits the ingress/egress of the car wash customers coming into use our services,” Hart said.

The new structure will be located on the left rear of the property. Revised conditional zoning is needed because they plan to move a commercial building close to a residential area. Currently the Windward condos are the closest residential area approximately 500 feet away.

This move will allow the center of the lot to open up and allow better traffic flow as well as new parking spots for vacuum customers.

The new detail shop will be heated and cooled while the rear lot will also allow for employee parking and a new dumpster location.

The existing car wash building will not be moved or changed.

The car wash opened in 2000 and currently employs about 40 workers. If the project is approved, Hart expects to begin work next spring, pending permit approval from Mecklenburg County. The work should take approximately six months, and they hope to keep the car wash open for most of that time.

The meeting

Mondays’ meeting begins at 6 pm in Town Hall on Catawba Avenue. The proceedings will be live streamed on the town web site: www.Cornelius.org.