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Is there going to be an adventure park in Huntersville?

New Huntersville adventure park has potential for zip lines, climbing walls and primitive camp sites

 June 9. Mecklenburg County will have two virtual public information sessions on Thursday, June 10, at noon-1 pm and 6-7 pm, for Eastfield Park, the new park that will be located west of Skybrook in Huntersville.

With canopy trees,  streams and rolling topography, Eastfield Park has the potential to become the region’s first “adventure park.” The public, through their input, will define how the nature-based park is developed, Kevin Brickman, senior planner, said. The idea is to leave the land for recreation and play, without ballfields for team sports.

Live fearlessly, with zip

So far, the No. 1 request is for trails, he said. Hiking trails, bike trails, canopy trails are on the table, as well as the potential for zip lines, climbing walls, a picnic shelter and primitive camp sites, Brickman said.

People are looking for outdoor activities, not necessarily organized sports, said Huntersville Mayor John Aneralla.

“If COVD taught us anything, people want and need to get outside and exercise,” said Aneralla. “Having another park available on the southeast side of our town will greatly enhance our citizens’ ability to get out and exercise.”

Eastfield Park background


Eastfield Park is 114 acres and is located on the north side of Eastfield Road with its northern limits adjacent to the Skybrook West subdivision.

The county purchased this property in 2000, and the property’s master plan and its first phase of development were identified in the county’s 2008 Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

Register here to attend an information session and learn more.