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International Women’s Day thoughts from Dr. Jill Biden

March 8. By Jill Biden. From soft lullabies to battle cries for justice, women nurse and nurture, teach and build, lead and dream our world forward each and every day.

Jill Biden

Women have never been silent, but women have been silenced. That’s because our voices are powerful. When we raise them, we can tear down injustice, topple tyrants and demagogues and shatter the shields of oppression.

This International Women’s Day, we honor women throughout the world who courageously use their voice, no matter the cost.

To our sisters from Ukraine who are fighting to keep their country free and their families alive: We stand with you in solidarity.

To our sisters in Russia who are protesting and speaking out against the invasion at great personal risk: We see your courage.

To women warriors around the world, those fighting for justice and working for change: Thank you for building a better future for all of us.

—Dr. Jill Biden, First Lady