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I-77 toll lanes: They’re watching


Feb. 26. I-77 Mobility Partners says crews are still installing an occupancy detection system on the I-77 toll lanes. The system will determine the number of persons in a vehicle and compare it to the setting on a vehicle’s transponder, so the proper tolls are charged.

But drivers of pick-up trucks shouldn’t even think about leaving their tailgates down to foil the cameras if they’re driving alone, for example.

One enterprising reader suggested that license plate readers such as the ones being installed on I-77 will not be able to read the plate.

No plate, no tolls, so to speak.

Well, it may be true, but is it worth the risk? Most officials say no.

The issue was explored on a recent Inside Edition focusing on Florida.

Bottom line: Such action might indeed block a license plate reader, but if you are involved in an accident, you will cause much more damage and it will be your responsibility.

The increased costs would be more than paying tolls.

Our Overall conclusion: Not worth the risk.

The toll lanes are free for vehicles with three or more occupants.

The “switchable NC Quick Pass transponder with the HOV3+ feature” must be activated at least 15 minutes before traveling on I-77, according to spokeswoman Jean Leier.

Drivers who fib could face fines. In the coming weeks new signs will remind drivers that the proper use of I-77 Express is reinforced by cameras.