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Hundreds of thousands on mall for Inauguration

Jan. 20. Washington DC. The Bradford family of Cornelus watched the Presidential motorcade go by, on the way from the White House to the US Capitol. Five US presidents are in attendance, as well as Hilary Clinton, who was defeated by the incoming president, but won the popular vote.

“It is amazing to see so many people in one place to come out to support this transtion of power,” says NC Rep. John Bradford, a Cornelius resident and former town commissioner.

He says the scene in our nation’s capital is surreal, celebratory.

“The country’s past, present and future leaderiship is in one place at the same time to celebrate this moment. That is surreal,” Bradford said. Thousands of political leaders are there, as well as hundreds of thousands of well-wishers stretching down the mall, which is covered in plastic to protect the grass.

The presidential limo is massive, as big, if not bigger, than a Suburban, Bradford says. It’s taller than the average man, and the windows, bullet-proof, of course, are impossibly thick, Bradford says.


The crowds are united—while the nation might not be—but all anticipate Trump’s speech shortly after noon. The largest Inaugural crowd was for Obama; the crowd today is smaller, but impressive, Bradford says.

Bradford, who was elected Deputy Majority Whip in the NC House last week, also co-chairs the House Committee on Regulatory Reform and serves as the sole chair of the State and Local Government II Committee.