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How Davidson handles animal control differs from Cornelius

Sept. 26. Unlike Cornelius, Davidson does not have its own animal shelter.

Instead, the Town of Davidson contracts with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Control for animal control services.

The town  budget line item for FY2022-2023 is $8,640 for those services, according to Amanda Preston, town communications director.  “We evaluate each year to estimate the next year’s annual cost.

“We pay per call and it depends on what the call involves.  Some calls may include a response for recovery and boarding,” she said in an email.

Davidson Police officers respond for most regular ordinance violations involving animals, such as barking dogs, loose, lost or  found pets, and off-leash violations, she said.

The officers will call for Animal Control for injured or sick wild animals and for recovered domestic pets not claimed within four hours of recovery.  The Police Department has a chip reader and a robust following on social media that is helpful in reuniting lost or found pets with their owners, Preston said.

Officers will also respond to conduct and initiate reports for bite cases and reported aggressive animals.  This includes bite cases sent to us via Animal Control from medical facilities that treat a person for a bite wound, she said.

Animal Control is asked to take over the investigation should the animal need to be removed or quarantined, for example.

“The basics on separating what is handled by a Police Officer and when is Animal Control called is simple,” she said.  “We just consider if this is better handled by a trained and properly equipped Animal Control Officer?

“We don’t want to expose our officers or animal to unnecessary risks when it should be handled by an Animal Control professional,” Preston said.

“Additionally, we do not respond to calls for snakes in the garage of house or wild animals (such as squirrels, raccoons, bats, birds, possums) in the attic, garage or house.  “This is a job for another professional called a pest control expert,” she said