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Hospitalizations climb again due to COVID-19

July 21. By Dave Yochum. Hospitalizations due to the coronavirus jumped again in North Carolina after going down for two days. New data from the NC Dept. of Health & Human Services indicates 1,179 people are hospitalized, up 93 from yesterday.

The NCDHHS reported hospitalizations at 1,115 on Sunday and 1,086 on Monday. A month ago, on June 21, 845 people were hospitalized because of the coronavirus in North Carolina.

To review the interactive NCDHHS COVID-19 site, click here.

The NCDHHS reported 1,815 new cases in today’s report, for a total of 102,861 since the outbreak began here in March. The actual total is probably higher, according to health experts.

Deaths statewide have reached 1,668, up from 1,220 on June 21.


In Mecklenburg County, the total number of cases has reached, 17,800, up 229 from yesterday and up 13.88 percent in one week, based on NCDHHS data.

Mecklenburg’s seven-day running average of new cases accounts for 16.6 percent of the state-wide cases per day. Based on data from Johns Hopkins University, the median number of new cases over the past week in Mecklenburg is 332 per day. The median number of new daily over the past month is 305, representing an increase of 8.85 percent.

To review Johns Hopkins data, which includes counties all across the country as well as nations around the world, click here.

Deaths county-wide now stand at 177, up three from yesterday.

Cornelius, Davidson, Huntersville

The NCDHHS is reporting a cumulative 292 cases in Cornelius, up seven from yesterday. In Davidson, there have been 140 cases, up four from yesterday, and, in Huntersville, a total of 454 cases, up eight from yesterday.

Statewide, based on Johns Hopkins data, the median number of new daily cases over the past week isĀ 1,862; over the past month, 1,654. The increase is 12.57 percent.

Using Johns Hopkins data, we compiled a chart of new confirmed cases of COVID-19 per day in NC from June 20 through July 20. The state’s average number of new daily cases since June 20 is 1,652 and its median is 1,654. The past 7-day average and median are higher at 1,937 and 1,862