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Holly’z Hope ceases operations to change focus

Credit: Holly’s Hope website

Oct. 14. After five years of improving the lives of more than 500 dogs, Holly’z Hope says goodbye to focus on bringing about legislative change.

The organization was founded in 2015 to break the cycle of chaining dogs outside for life, educating dog owners on responsible pet ownership and reducing the overpopulation of unwanted dogs.

Hundreds of volunteers

Holly’z Hope built more than 200 fences, delivered 3,000 pounds of food, spayed or neutered more than 100 dogs and provided emergency and wellness veterinary care and shelter to dogs in need—at no cost to dog owners. 

The organization also lobbied to change town ordinances in both Huntersville and Cornelius. It is now illegal to keep a dog chained or tethered 24 hours a day.

“While it is very rewarding to accomplish the goals we set at the launch of Holly’z Hope, it’s bittersweet to say goodbye to the 600 amazing volunteers and donors who made this all happen in only five years,” said Holly Davis, founder of Holly’z Hope. 

New direction

Now that the group  has decided it’s time to change direction to focus on legislative change for animal welfare, Holly’z Hope donated its equipment and supplies to other animal welfare organizations that provide the same services in North Carolina, Virginia and Georgia. 

A fund will be set-up to pay for spay and neuter services for people needing financial support.