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Hearing tonight on term lengths in Cornelius

Photo by Jason Benavides

June 19. By Dave Vieser. Should the terms of the Mayor and Cornelius commissioners be changed from two years to staggered four-year terms? That’s the big question on the agenda at tonight’s Town Board Meeting, and the commissioners really want to hear from the citizens about a possible change. A decision on whether a change in term limits is desired will then be made at the town’s July 17 meeting.

The process of changing terms is quite detailed, beginning with a proposed amendment to the Town Charter.

That would include a resolution of intent to change the Charter and a public hearing such as the town is having Monday evening. After hearing from the citizens, if the commissioners decide to proceed with the change, they would then need to adopt an ordinance that establishes the change.

Then they would need to adopt a Resolution notifying Mecklenburg County Board of Elections of the special election needed in addition to the 2023 General Election ballot for the citizens to vote. The resolution requires that the change be approved by a vote of the citizens.

All of the commissioners were strongly in favor of having a public hearing first to gauge the opinion of town residents about a change in term length.

Commissioner Todd Sansbury stated that he is indifferent either way about a term change, but looks forward to finding out what the citizens think. Mayor Pro Tem Dave Gilroy stated that he is not in favor of four-year terms but will also wait to see what the citizens think.

Monday’s meeting begins at 6 pm at Town Hall on Catawba Avenue. It will also be live streamed on the town website: www.Cornelius.org.