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Grocers, schools strive for better new normal; Electricities update

Sanitizing carts one by one at Publix

March 19. Local grocery stores are still restocking and aren’t nearly as sparse as they were earlier in the week. At midday today Harris Teeter on West Catawba had red meat and pork and some bonein chicken. Publix appeared to have slightly less meat in stock. Produce aisles in both stores are getting back to regular levels but the great search for toilet paper continues. Neither store had any in stock during visits today.

Harris Teeter has disinfectant towlettes as you walk in.

At Publix employees are wiping down carts three and four at a time so they’re lined up and ready for customers.

The Post Office is leaving its doors open so customers can walk in without touching the doors.

Meanwhile, schools are working hard to adapt to a distance learning program. JV Washam Elementary principal Jamie Tecza has been holding a Tecza Talks feature on Facebook Live at 10am each morning. Talks have included calisthenics, reading stories, discussing historic events and giving the kids a “math problem of the day” to solve.


Electricities expects payments


ElectriCities will continue with “normal business practices” which includes reading meters, billing customers and expecting payments.


Late payments will continue to be assessed on utility accounts but disconnections are on hold but reviewed on a weekly basis.


If customers are faced with financial hardships, contact their office.  Customer service representatives are available to assist over the phone Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm at 704-948-0550.


“We reemphasize that all customers should use online and phone payment options as the lobby is closed. Additionally, ElectriCities technicians will continue to respond to power outages and other electrical emergencies,” the local electric utility said in a prepared statement