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Governor instructs NC Emergency Management to prepare for Santa Claus

Gov. Cooper (live) discussing Emergency Management support during Santa’s trip into North Carolina

Dec. 24. [North Pole News Service] At a press conference this morning Gov. Roy Cooper instructed NC Emergency Management (NCEM) to prepare the state for Santa’s arrival so that he can safely complete his mission of delivering presents to children across North Carolina.

“Ensuring that Santa can deliver presents all over the world in just one night requires detailed planning, strong coordination among elves, reindeer and government officials, and a dash of Christmas magic,” said Cooper. “Children around Lake Norman should rest assured that we’re doing our part to help Santa reach them this Christmas.”

NCEM is in contact with North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) to receive up-to-the-minute updates regarding Santa’s status and progress in North Carolina.

Emergency Management is on standby to provide Santa with additional resources, including:

—Candy canes
—Milk & cookies
—Hot chocolate
—Fresh carrots for the Reindeer


“Our team at NC Emergency Management and I will be monitoring our airspace and are prepared to assist Santa as needed,” said Director of North Carolina Emergency Management Will Ray. “While Santa has centuries of experience making deliveries in North Carolina, we always work to plan for the unexpected to ensure a smooth journey from the North Pole to the Old North State.”

Elves do their part

Santa’s elves are also keeping a close eye on the weather forecast and ReadyNC.gov to help prepare for the possibility (small) of inclement weather. They’ve confirmed that his sleigh will be packed with an updated emergency supply kit, warm blankets, rain gear, snacks and other necessary items prior to his departure from the North Pole.