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Giving with Grace Foundation announces 10 awards of $25K each

Dec. 11. Giving with Grace Foundation announced 10 awards of $25,000 each to local nonprofits “to support their invaluable work in our local community” during the foundation’s “Giving Luncheon” last week,.

The organizations include: Hope House Foundation, Youth Villages, Happy Tails Rescue, Carolina Wildlife Conservation Center, Cliffords Army Rescue Extravaganza, Feed NC, Anson County Animal Shelter, DoveHouse, Holy Angels and Humane Society of Union County.

Robin Salzman

David Parkins received a Community Appreciation Award of $5,000 for his work in transporting animals for many rescues and shelters.

“The Giving Luncheon serves as a celebration of the tireless efforts and remarkable achievements of these 10 exceptional organizations,” said Robin Smith Salzman, founder of Giving with Grace. “Their unwavering commitment to creating meaningful change truly embodies the spirit of compassion and generosity that our foundation aims to cultivate.”

The grant recipients represent a diverse range of causes, including but not limited to animal welfare, children and women in need. Each organization has demonstrated a profound impact on our community, positively influencing the lives of those they serve.

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For more information about Giving with Grace Foundation and its impactful iniatives, visit www.givingwithgrace.org.