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Gas still hit or miss in North Carolina, Lake Norman

From left, May 17 at approx. 10 am : Circle K, Cashion’s, QuickTrip and Exxon

May 17. Getting gasoline is still a hit of miss endeavor in Lake Norman and Charlotte, but it is getting better. More stations have gasoline more often, but North Carolina remains the epicenter of the Colonial Pipeline shutdown which ended last week.

“No gas cans” note at Exxon on W. Catawba

Oil and gas analyst Patrick De Haan of GasBuddy.com, says 53 percent of North Carolina stations are out of gas, down from 57 percent over the weekend. Prices are up 20 cents per gallon, on average.

Click here for Gasbuddy’s Lake Norman roundup.

Locally, sources say police and fire vehicles are covered, and operating as normal.

Exxon on West Catawba has posted signs prohibiting small cans.

De Haan reported gas outages by state/change since last update:
AL 8% N/C
DC 73% -10%
DE 2% N/C
FL 18% N/C
GA 42% -1%
KY 2% N/C
LA 3% N/C
MD 26% -2%
MS 6% N/C
NC 53% -4%
NJ 1% N/C
SC 47% -2%
TN 26% -1%
TX 2% N/C
VA 31% -2%
WV 5% N/C

A total of 12,106 stations in those states and Washington, DC were without gas