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Funnel cloud toured Cornelius lakefront yesterday

Funnel cloud seen from Mariners Villas at the western end of W Catawba | Photo: Jake DiPietro

June 20. Jake Dipietro, the new owner of Barefoot Watersports on West Catawba, grabbed a vivid photo of yesterday’s funnel cloud marching from near Mariner’s Villas to the cove between Jetton near Mountainview and the end of Bustle Road.

It all happened during a drenching storm late Monday afternoon. Rainfall totals ran from about 2 inches to more than 4.


There will be rain and thunderstorms again today but not as bad as yesterday. The National Weather Service says showers and thunderstorms are likely with east winds 8-10 mph, and gusts as high as 20 mph.

Less likely are the shear winds coming from different directions at different levels—ideal conditions for tornado

“It was an amazing sight to see,” DiPietro said, explaining that it was eerily quiet at the same time.


Off and on showers and T-storms for the rest of the week.


Larry Sprinkle WCNC

“A funnel cloud is actually a ‘cloud’ made-up of condensed water droplets, with a column of wind that is rotating. It extends from the base of a cumulonimbus cloud. If it was over water and eventually reached the water’s surface, that would be a water spout. If it reached the ground, that would be a tornado. Since those funnel clouds that were sighted yesterday never reached the ground (or water), there was never a tornado or water spout.”

—Larry Sprinkle

Morning forecaster for WCNC Charlotte