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Funerals on hold for now

March 19. With funerals on hold at a variety of churches, the funeral home industry is making arrangements in a different way. Burials and cremations will occur without any interruption at time of death, says John Kepner, of Raymer-Kepner Funeral Home in Huntersville. Memorial services are happening later. 

Families of people who die from any cause are scaling back how they memorialize loved ones by changing or postponing funeral services, limiting the number of people who can attend and increasingly using online tools. 

Indeed, funeral homes have started to live stream graveside services.

During the coronavirus crisis, visitations, funerals and memorial services are basically called off. Graveside services are for the immediate family, while memorial services can occur at a later date.

This will give families the opportunity for two farewell services, one private during this period, and a second public service, visitation or gathering,” Kepner said.

In any time of crisis, the funeral industry is considered an essential industry. 

Funeral homes are implementing even stricter protocols to handle bodies. Kepner said his funeral home is practicing enhanced, more frequent cleaning and disinfection in high touch areas, at the same time associates are refraining from shaking hands with family members.

“Most of the public will appreciate the no contact‘ during this pandemic,” he said.

About 8,000 people die every day across the nation—prior to the coronavirus.