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Friggatriskaidekaphobic? It’s a one and done year

May 13. For those who have  an irrational fear of Friday the 13th, today is the only one this year.

In any given year, there’s always at least one Friday the 13th, according to earthsky.org. There can be as many as three.

Two Friday the 13ths in a year last occurred in the year 2020 (March and November, 2020). And later, we’ll have two Friday the 13ths again in 2023 (January and October, 2023).

The last time three Friday the 13ths happened in one year was in 2015 (February, March and November, 2015), and will next take place in 2026 (February, March and November, 2026).

Any year that’s not a Leap Year  – that starts on a Saturday – has a solitary Friday the 13th in the month of May. 2022 started on a Saturday. And 2022 has 365 days. So, in this case, May 13, 2022 is our sole Friday the 13th for this year.