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Friday, bloody Friday, but it’s OK


Aug. 21. There’s nothing to see folks, move along. It looked like the crime of the century occurred at the Cornelius Police Station today, but really, it was nothing. Sort of.

This was posted on Facebook: “Anybody know why there’s bloody footprints and a ton of blood at the Cornelius Police Station? It’s roped off, and I swore I heard a really loud gunshot yesterday by my house right behind the police station.”

Indeed, there was crime scene tape around the Police Department lobby after “a gentleman was trying to break into his own house early this morning and cut his leg severely. He walked to the Police Department for help because he didn’t have his phone with him, and in the process tracked a lot of blood around the sidewalks and into the lobby. This was then tracked around by medical personnel including into the carpet. In short we have a biohazard mess. We have a company coming to clean it up but until then we are just being cautious and closing off the area.”

So, this Facebook post can be ignored: “I’ve lived here all my life, it’s such a quiet area, I’m shocked!”

Also this one: “I’ve killed squirrels and rabbits all around our neighborhood but that was before there were so many houses. Now it’s just not safe!”

Well, we think it’s still safe. We checked in with the Police and there was no word on the how the gentleman who cut his leg is doing.