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Fountain coming back to Birkdale Village


A fountain at Birkdale Village again will offer a spot to cool off. Pictured is the fountain before the village renovation. Photo | MVP Properties file

Feb. 9.  The fountain at Birkdale Village will return when the weather warms up, village owners say.

North American Properties removed the splash fountain last year during renovations to the lifestyle center that features restaurants and retail, along with open areas and a big screen.

Mike Lant

Then a ground fault interrupter was needed, along with county approval.  That was taken care.

But then it was time to find the Christmas tree a home and it landed on the fountain site.  An outdoor skating rink took up that space and the green facing the big screen through Jan. 16.

Mike Lant, senior vice president of development at NAP, said this week that the fountain was damaged during the removal of the skating rink so it must be repaired.

But it will open, he promised, and kids can play in it like before.

Families in the Cornelius and Huntersville neighborhoods near the village flock to the fountain for relief and fun during summer months.