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Forum provides many perspectives on work force housing crisis

Graphic: National Apartment Association

March 11. Affordable housing, also known as workforce housing, is the subject of an online forum on March 30 called “Our Housing Future: Needs, Goals & Solutions.”

It’s sponsored by the Davidson College Deliberative Citizenship Initiative and Center for Civic Engagement, and the North Mecklenburg Economic Mobility Collaborative (NEMC).

Property values have soared during the past year, underscoring the affordable problem.

A little over a year ago, almost 200 North Mecklenburg neighbors convened at the Cornelius Town Hall to launch the NEMC. The plan was to work together in interest groups around six identified areas to include healthcare, education, childcare, living wages, transportation and housing.

Expert panelists will discuss a variety of housing related issues.

The panelists are:

1. Eugene Bradley joined the Town of Davidson in October 2020 to serve as the town’s first Housing and Equity Director.

2. Liz Clasen-Kelly, CEO of A Roof Above, which offers a spectrum of homeless services and housing programs and is the new name of the merged Men’s Shelter of Charlotte and Urban Ministry Center.

3. Elizabeth Delmelle is an Associate Professor of Geography at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. Her primary research interests lie within urban and neighborhood dynamics and urban transportation.

4. Willie Jones is an Affordable Housing and Community Development Professional. Willie is primarily focused on the intersections of faith, community economic development, and affordable housing.

5. Jon Sanders, an economist by training, is a Senior Analyst in Regulatory Studies and Research Editor, at the John Locke Foundation in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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