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Forced out, Nina’s will leave Birkdale Village for Antiquity

Nina’s corner location in Antiquity

Sept. 28. By TL Bernthal. Nina’s Boutique announced today it will be moving to the retail area of Antiquity in Cornelius.

The store’s last day at Birkdale Village in Huntersville will be Jan. 15.

The boutique opened there in September 2019  under a temporary license agreement, and it will expire at the end of this year, according to North American Properties.

Nina’s update and their response / Screenshot from Facebook

NAP did not renew the boutique’s lease, telling Nina’s owner that “such decisions are not easy but we do think this is in the best interest of Birkdale Village as a whole,” according to the boutique owner’s Facebook posting.

“This decision has shattered my family,” she wrote.

Nina’s Boutique will move into the former Truliant space in Antiquity.

For now, Nina’s Boutique, 16916 Birkdale Commons Parkway, Huntersville, is between between Corkscrew, which also lost its lease, and TCBY.